The Dallas Clark Foundation provides grants to local communities to help fund local town improvements.


2 thoughts on “Community Grants

  1. Mr. Clark,
    I had a chance to listen to speak at 2014 Annual Event; Humboldt and Dakota City Chamber. I want to thank you for your wonderful words about the Humboldt and Kossuth County areas. I to believe in community, and that home is where the heart is.
    I would like to tell you about a group of individuals that I serve and support. They are the people of West Fork Services, Inc. Many of them at one time had their start in Livermore, Iowa at the Opportunity Center. Like many they are huge Dallas Clark fans.
    They also have something in common with you Mr. Cark and that’s the work they also do in recycling. A number of years ago they started recycling cardboard and paper. West Fork Services, Inc. takes in cardboard and paper and bales and sells it. We do this to teach our individuals the skills necessary to succeed in employment. Training is intended to teach an individual concepts necessary to effectively perform a job in the community.
    At this time West Fork Services, Inc. supports 65 to 70 individuals in both Residential and Vocational Services. To serve these individuals we identify their needs and provide those services that will assist them to lead a successful life. West Fork Services supplies these individuals information to make informed choices and decisions.
    I liked your comments about helping not only the smartest kids, but also the hard workers. Mr. Clark these individuals are some of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet.
    I would like to invite you to West Fork Services, Inc. some time when your home and meet some individuals who’s home is truly important to them and like you love the idea of living in the Humboldt County area. You will also see the job they do in recycling for their community.
    Patrick Tate, CEO
    West Fork Services, Inc.

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